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The Loft List

Since 1991 we have been publishing "The Loft List".

You can make the calls or drive the area (map inside of List) or
check the buildings websites.

The List has the information
right in front of you for $10.

The Loft List includes over 75 contact numbers that cover the
greater part of Downtown Los Angeles including the Downtown Center,
Arts District, Fashion District, Historic Core and more of
Downtown LA. Much of the information is not published anywhere else.

"When I first started searching for a loft or live/work space
I went on-line and could not find a single publication
that was not paid advertisements.
But then until I found 'The Loft List' where I paid my $15 for a list
created by other loft dwellers. The List had plenty of phone
numbers and addresses and current information" Tracy C.

earching for the right loft or live/work situation can be an
exciting but sometimes frustrating experience.
'The LOFT List' narrows the search and saves you time.


How will I receive The Loft List?
With your paid order the list will be mailed to the postal address you provide
on the next business day. The List is NOT available electronically.
Generally you will receive your list in two to three days.

What is on The LOFT List?
The list contains phone numbers of Arts District and Downtown Los Angeles loft management companies, leasing agents and building managers as well as addresses of loft buildings. A good share of them do not advertise or publicize their vacancies.

How often is the Loft List updated?
The Loft List is updated on a regular basis as we receive information. You will always receive the most recent and updated list.

Is there information on recent loft developments in the Downtown area?
Yes, there is up to date information on the most recent Downtown Loft development areas and buildings that are in various stages of development.

Does it list lofts current availability?
The availability of loft rentals change quickly. The list provides property managers, addresses and telephone numbers who can give you the
most up to date information on what is available.

Are there loft rental prices on the list.
The list does not give prices as pricing can change dramatically. The list includes live/work lofts, raw spaces 'high end' lofts and 'loft-like' units.

What if I want to purchase a loft or loft condo?
Although this is not the focus of the list there some for sale buildings and Loft Friendly Realtors listed in the Downtown and surrounding communities.

Do the buildings allow pets?
Some do and some don't. It is always best to ask the property manager what their conditions are.

The Loft List is $15.
There are no advertisements!
For secure credit card payments:

We use PayPal.
PayPal accepts all major credit cards.
There is no fee to you for using the PayPal service

For postal orders:

To order a list please send a check or money order (or cash) for $15 to the address below. Sorry but we are not staffed to make phone calls.

The Loft List
Box 207
837 Traction Ave
Los Angeles CA 90013

Make check payable to
The LOFT List
Orders paid by check are sent after the check clears.
Cash and money orders are posted next day mail. This address is for mailing purposes only. The list is not available there.

Printer friendly form click here (You will need Acrobat Reader)

Send the List to:____________________________________________

Street:_________________________________________Unit #_______

City ______________________________________Zip________

Enclosed $15 in Cash ____ Check____Money Order_____
Make check payable to The LOFT List  
Cash and money orders posted next day mail.

Thank you and happy loft hunting.
We understand and share your concern about privacy. We want to assure
you that The Loft List respects your privacy. The Loft List does not sell, rent,
or loan any personally identifiable information regarding its customers to
any third party. When an order is placed, we collect basic information including your name, home address, and e-mail address. We use this information to
confirm your order and to respond to any questions you may have.
We appreciate your business and
want to wish you "Happy Loft Hunting"!

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